Redefine Your Relationship

And Create The One You Want

  • Rediscover Passion

    Learn how to create a relationship that fosters growth and intimacy. Become the partner you desire to be by sharing your deepest needs and wants freely. Learn how to create a space that allows both of you to open up, explore new possibilities and rekindle your spark.

  • Less Fighting, More Connection

    There will be disagreements and arguments in a relationship. Through this course you will learn how to dismantle arguments and find our what they are really about. Stop the reoccurring fights. And let go of past behaviors. You will learn how to communicate deeply and effectively to build more connection with each other.

  • Feel Understood and Appreciated

    It's easy to get stuck in the day to day life and forget to enjoy it. We spend a lot of time focusing on what we "DON'T" want. Start looking at what you "DO" want in your relationship. And learn to not take things personally and see how much more understanding and appreciation comes into your relationship.

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Redefine Your Relationship Course

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What's Included

8 Week Course

  • Weekly Video Content

    Each week you will have new video content. The videos will have information along with exercises for you and your partner to practice in your relationship. You will start to understand and appreciate each other more.

  • Weekly Group Call

    Each week we will have a group video call on zoom. We will go over that weeks video content, the exercises, and support each other.

  • Slack Group Community

    The Slack Group Community is where we all will check in with each other during the 8 weeks and after. Ask for support from me and each other, share wins and experiences.

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Redefine Your Relationship and Create Your Powerful Partnership

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Creator of Idealistic Isabel

Brittney Bergen

Creator of Idealistic Isabel

"Working with Ashley has helped me take my relationship to the next level. Her experience and knowledge in this area makes coaching with her fun, easy, and fascinating. Because she's so open, it makes it easy to open up to her about challenging things. She has a gift for meeting and accepting people right where they're at while guiding them gracefully towards growth. Work with Ashley if you're ready to upgrade the relationships in your life.

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